Defect Tracking System C#.Net Project


Defect Tracking System is a project developed to detect the defects in the system. This system also  provides the complete information concerning the defects detected. Defect tracking system is to test the application for the defects and report it. All the reports generated will be send to the project manager and developer.All the defects  information will be stored in the system with a unique id in the database for future reference.The defect tracking system will make the job of handling the defects easily.

The defect tracking system provides a website to the users to get access to the system. The starting page contains the fields which will open the further process of  the defect tracking system which include QA engineer, project manager, developer and defects.

Defect Tracking System 01

User need to get registered to the website first. He needs to fill all the information in the provided fields which include name,phone,address,gender,userid,password,secques,answer and type and finally click the submit button.This opens the popup menu with submit message and ok option wher user need to click the ok button to save his information.

Defect Tracking System 02

After completing the registration process user will be provided with a userid and password. User can give the type of option he need and get logged in by clicking on the login button.User can find the option regarding the account like signup, forgotpwd and changepwd

Defect Tracking System 03

With respect to the user given option the QA engineer details will be opened which displays the options like QA id, QA name, phone no, address, skills, qualification and experience. User can edit the details if any incorrect data is entered

Defect Tracking System 04

User  need to give the manager id and qa id to view the project details.

Defect Tracking System 05

After that user have to provide all the information regarding the project which includes project name,defect name,priority,description,developer name,date and the status.  Click the submit button to save the information.

Defect Tracking System 06

All the defects and the reports of the defects dected will be shown in detailed to the user in a tabuler form.

Defect Tracking System 07

User need to give the information to the fields to see the details of the project manager and click the submit button

Defect Tracking System 08

User will be provided with a username and password along with type of field he needs to enter in.

Defect Tracking System 09

In the project manager page user can enter into other fields provided as employ id, project info, assigned info, project status.

Defect Tracking System 10

User can view all the details of the project manager whenn he clicks the project managerdetails field on the left of the page.

Defect Tracking System 11

User can also see the details of the employee by selecting the employee info option. Defect Tracking System 12

User can submit the information about the project which include project id,project name,no of people,duration,client and requirements of the project.And click the submit button.

Defect Tracking System 13

After submitting the project details user need ot provide additional info like empid, field, managerid ,duration and asigned date.And click the submit button.

Defect Tracking System 14

User will be displayed all the details of the project in a tabular form with an extra option to edit or delet the information.

Defect Tracking System 15

User can insert the information by filling the details to the fields projectid, project name, managerid, empid, projectstatus, projectstartingdate and click the submit button where all the information will be inserted into the table.user can view the inserted information by clicking on the display button.

Defect Tracking System 16

User can enter into developers page by selecting the type as developer.

Defect Tracking System 17

Usere needs to fill the details to enter and click the submit button.

Defect Tracking System 18

User will be provided with an username and password to get logged in.

Defect Tracking System 19

In the developer page the fields include developer details, updatedetails, projectdetails and defect info.

Defect Tracking System 20

User need to fill the information like id,name,address,phoneno,gender,qualification,skills,joiningdate and exp and click the submit button to view the developers details.

Defect Tracking System 21

User can view the qa details and will be able to edit the information.

Defect Tracking System 22

can view all the details of the  project  by providing the managetid and developerid.

Defect Tracking System 23

User can view the defect info by selecting the defectinfo option.This displays all the detailed information of the  defects detected in the project

Defect Tracking System 24

To enter into the defects page user need to give the type as defect along with username and password.

Defect Tracking System 25

User need to fill the information regarding the defects field to display the defect field.

Defect Tracking System 26

In the defect field two options are provided to the user i.e.,defectsdet and defectsins.

Defect Tracking System 27

To detect the defect  user need to give the name,priority ,descr,date,projectname and the status and click the submit button.

Defect Tracking System 28

All the defects details will be displayed in a tabular form.

Defect Tracking System 29

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