Data Analysis and Presentation for CSE Students

Data analysis means collecting the required data, check them and then store them. This process in done in many control systems like revenue collection in any municipality. In these control system many process of data documentation is done.They have to maintain the record of the transaction, collection, deposit and then process them.  It is also checked how much revenue is collected from government and how much is evaluated.

We need to assure the level of effectiveness in the control systems of government to deposit to the banks. Every respondent were asked to show their personal performance of their work. Every respondent have the knowledge of the accountable documents, revenue collection, deposition to the bank, andfinally to the revenue for custom.

Data summary:  every day banks takings are 23 which run at the same time. 28 runs sometimes and 4 never work. It means total work done is 55. Cash remitted in the bank at the same time is 27, 30 are done sometime, and 9 are never done.

It means the total work done is 66. Next is cash book and statements that are processed at the same time are 21, 16 are done sometimes and 4 are never done. It means total work done is 41. From the above data it can be said that overall work is done is 40%., this shows average internal controls of the bank. And after the complete study it is find that 67 respondents said that there were all the effective control exists all the time. And 70 said that there few internal work sometimes and 63 said there were no internal works.  These studies show that internal control in the account office is very weak.

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