The main aim of the Data Acquisition and Controlling using Rabbit Processor project is to develop a web based Data acquisition and controlling system using Rabbit processor for  the infant care unit,where the  temperature,humidity and light intensity are monitored and controlled continuously.

In this project we monitor the status of the infant care unit.The humidity,temperature are monitored continously and are sent to pc via internet.

The temperature is controlled by changing  the intensity of the light. If the temperature  is high then the intensity of the light is made less by decreasing its intensity  automatically and vice versa.

The temperature and humidity sensors measure the temperature and humidity in the room and sends the values to the rabbit processor. The processor sends the data received to pc through the ethernet port.

The processor maintains the intensity of the light based on the temperature value in the room. If the temperature is high then the intensity of the light is made less and vice versa.