Data Access Using Java Data Bases

If u wants to access the data using Jdbc then first you have to perform few operations to make the connection between the data base and programming environment. First we have to declare the parameters that will be used in the connection then we have to write the statements for making the connections and then execute those statements, then check whether it is generating exception any error or not. Then perform any query of you have then close the connection at last. Closing connection is important part otherwise no operation will be done in the data base.

We need a driver manager for connection any data base to our program. Every data base has its own driver. It is a standard class interface that is to configure the connection and make new connection every time.

If you are using SQL then you have to define the parameter used in the classes and RDBMS operation classes. After that you can use SQL query. SQL can be reused as it uses class called thread safe that encapsulate the query. Another class is stored procedure. This is also called super class. It is used to provide the data abstraction to the RDMS.

We also have SQL functions to perform RDMS operations. The default action is integer type but we can override it by making functions or methods, we might need extra parameter for that may be of return type. In SQL we use BLOB for storing the data of binary type and CLOB for storing the data of character type. If you want handle the large data then we can use springs. And it also provides high abstraction to the objects. We can also JDBC template with it.

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