Cython Computer Science Seminar Report

Introduction to Cython Seminar Topic:

It is the advanced version of the programming language python, and it is also called the derivative of Pyrex language, designed with extra syntax and to remove the limitations of that language. They can also compile the code written in python, as they are first converted in to the c code. The generated c sometimes gives as error of declarations for the python and c types. To remove this we use Cython as it makes them in the part of the program.

These language first convert the code in to the following C/C++ code and then in the binary code. They the array very fast as they access the array of python directly as object and they support almost all types of number even complex floating type. They have faster functions and smart algorithm that are 6 times faster than the fastest. In C we have to call external function like sin () from math but in Cython it has its own sin () function that is faster than that. We need to import the c libraries from python and write the code also as fast as possible. In Cython we have different strings for both byte strings and Unicode strings.

Advantages: it has increased the speed of python almost to the speed of the C. it has added new data types and different types of declarations few static type. They are more than any wrapper solutions that are available.

Limitations: they face main problem during the compilation time. They have limited threading. They don’t have templates. Compiler sometimes ignores the error related to the static type declarations. They are the best when we talk about using the external libraries but it is not suited for replacing normal python code to Cython code. we require little experience while using dynamic and static block.

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