Cyber cafe management system project is a standalone application which is developed in programming language using MS Access database. Main objective of this application is to develop a software for internet café for managing users details, billing details, transaction details, Machine updating..etc.

Existing and Proposed System:

In existing system internet café are working on manual management process where users information and billing details are updated in records. Using this software entire process will be computerized and information is updated to database.

Database Tables:

Daily Reports table, Machine Number, New Machine, User, Report Generation, and Transaction.

Rate Settings Module:

This module will have four fields (cost settings for one hour, starting date, ending date, comment). Admin can change rates which will reflect on billing.

Transaction Time Module:

Details of transactions that are done by cyber café for day or month are updated to this table. Transaction database consists of ( start time, machine no, total time, amount, Bill No, Date, Month, Year, End Time,  Hour, Minute, Date ) . Whenever admin want to know full month or day transaction details he can select date, time, month..etc options which are provide in form and search. Details are shown on the list.  This module is useful for analyzing payment and traffic details.

Password Change Module:

Using this change password form admin can change password and update new password which will be updated to users database.  Even admin can add other user to the list.