Customer Support Online Software Web Portal Project

Customer support online software web portal project is implemented in java platform. The main idea for implementing this project is to provide help desk like a solution for every user through the internet.

In the present scenario, many works are done through online like banking, bookings, mobile recharge online examination ….etc. So as the usage of internet is growing daily simultaneously there are increasing of customer support for users.

Though there is customer support by respective fields they are not accurate. In order to solve this problem, this application is developed through this application users can share their problem and communicate with other users who had already faced this problem and got a solution.

With this interaction, users can solve their problem more accurately and it is also a time-saving procedure.

In order to access to this system, the user needs to register with this web portal and get unique username and password.

Here we provide entire project source code with execution procedure.

customer support software online web portal project source code and project abstract.

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