CSE Technical Seminar Topic on The Common Accessibility Profile PPT

Introduction to CSE Technical Seminar Topic on The Common Accessibility Profile:

CAP is known as a common accessibility profile that can be used for supporting and selecting computer related ATs.  CAP is based on the AT system for the users and it also focus on improving the accessibility to enhance the interactions between the systems and users. A cap is a transmitter than can be combined together to evaluate the accessibility of the results of specific systems and user combinations along with specific environments and ATs.

The word “assistive technology” indicates a technology that is specifically designed to to be used in an assisted service technology or device. This can be any atom or product system, or equipment piece that is acquired commercially with customization, modification and also helps to enhance maintenance, assistance as well to improve the capacities of its functioning ability.

The universal access reference model also known as UARM in short shows the main relations and functions that are same for all instances of universal access without any kind of voice for a particular instance or design implementation.







Channels of UARM and ATs includes:

1) Channels





2) Details of the system

3) Processing of AT

Accessibility and AT

Specification of the entire system

CAP is applied for identifying the handicaps and to apply it to the selected ATs. Application of the CAP to the managing ATs has in developing the base configuration and their alternatives as well as reconfiguring them. CAP Appleton also helps to tie them altogether

The CAP abilities of the users are aimed by this CAP system and it also looks on the Handi CAP minimization from incompatibilities and the environment among the systems, users and AT’s. At the same time the CAP acts as a basis of dealing and identifying with the issues of accessibility in the most standardized way.

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