CSE Technical Seminar Topic on DCOM Technology

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on DCOM Technology:

DCOM is a Microsoft application which supports the communication of different computers on a network like LAN, WAN and even internet also. The DCOM is extension COM( component object model). By using distributed application we can run the components on the client side and on the server side when required or in necessary situations. The distributed applications can use a single server for running all the components and these provide flexibility for the system administrator. In this paper we will see how distributed applications work and the advantages of using distributed applications for consumer applications.

Brief on DCOM architecture and working:

Distributed component object model has added advantages than COM and adds more complexity. The component object model is used to define the interaction between the client and the component without the need of any intermediate system. In  operating systems the process between each other are shielded and direct calls cannot be between the client and the components but DCOM connects  them through intercept calls and the communication is transparent to the user.

The DCOM replaces the local inter process communication through network protocol when the component and the client reside on different systems. The DCOM maintains a reference count of each component which are used by single clients or which are shared by multiple clients. The DCOM can use any protocols like connection less and connection oriented and this application is completely protocol neutral.

Advantages of using Distributed object models:

The type of models provide flexibility for the system manager and these are very scalable than other applications. This application can be easily extended depending upon the requirements. It makes a proper use of bandwidth for handing the communication to the end users. Provides a high symmetric communication between the components and is highly secure.

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