CSE Technical Seminar Presentation on IP Telephony with PPT

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on IP Telephony:

The paper is about the implementation of the IP Telephony. This paper gives the brief description about the IP Telephony, the advantages with the implementation of the telephony, also the challenges which are faced with its implementation and also includes about the users, its business aspects, the issues related to the security and its applications are discussed.

The modern requirements in the telecommunications are increasing extremely, so that the uses of telecommunication networks are experiencing a noticeable change. Currently the usage of telephonic lines is being used, more for the data transfer than for the ordinary voice related calls.  

There is a lot of burden on the networks and also the operators which are providing the services. In order for providing the services i.e. to meet the customer requirement the networks are shifted from their services of circuit switching to that of the packet switching networks. This can be implemented in the communication network also the data communication network using IP Telephony.

The concept of the IP Telephony is that the voice and also the fax calls will be transmitted over the IP network i.e. via the internet instead of transmitting over the traditional PSTN. The main difference that exists between the internet and PSTN is their implementation of their switching architectures. The internet works on dynamic routing and PSTN works on static switching methods. The advantage of implementation of IP Telephony is its cost effectiveness, the minimum access charges, its support to the new services, its effective backbones.

The implementation of VOIP, in various forms will give a many complex questions that the consumers will be able to use their communication of the telephone calls in a cost effective way or not. The IP technology plays an important role in multiple businesses in world of the peer-peer communications. We can conclude that the IP Telephony plays a vital role in modern communication.

Download  CSE Technical Seminar Presentation on IP Telephony with PPT.

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