CSE Technical Seminar Presentation on Composite Call with PPT

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Composite Call:

The paper is about the composite call. When we consider the operating systems calling a system service involves the heavy-weight operation because of the protection domain crossing. In case of the distributed systems the remote services invoking is more costly when compared to that of invoking the local systems; this can be due to the network latency and also the processing overhead.

The composite call pattern is capable of executing the repeated sequences of the service calls and also the simple control structures in a safer way.  The pattern is called as BATCHING.

In simple words a composite call is defined as the program which is sent by the client to be executed in the server domain. It is capable of composing several separate calls to a single call in a server.

It is proved experimentally that though the implementations of the composite call mechanism, gives the high performance analysis should be done carefully.

Cases the problem that arises can be more than that of the performance gain we get. The experiments are still being conducted on the distributed services for providing the greater speedups.

 Download  CSE Technical Seminar Presentation on Composite Call with PPT.

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