CSE Technical Seminar Presentation on CD Writing Technology

Almost two third of the business that lose their data for over 7 days never able to reopen. For retrieving of data you nee dto spend 50,000 Rs per gigabyte and it is only just the physical recovery. Apart from that you also need to pay for the additional and downtime costs. You must therefore keep a back up on a regular basis so that even if you lose the original data your business will not be affected in any manner. It is important that you choose the right system for the backup and before you able to choose you must know the functions of these devices.

The company disk also known as the CD has celebrated 20 years recently and it was launched in the year 1982 in the month of October. Usually a CD can hold up to 700 MB of data and it comes at cheaper prices than other services of back up. Data on CD can also be retrieved faster that any other backup devices. Almost all the system supports CD-ROM and so it is quite easy to handle.

The compact disk was designed by Sony and Philips jointly in the year 1980. Basically CD was sued for storing audios and even till today when we add card for storing of data it is based on the concept if audio CD’s. These types of CDs can hold high quality audio for 80 minutes.

The compact CD can usually store pre recorded formats for computer data, games, music and other kind of applications. All the other formats of CDs are based on the concept of CD audio format which is the original format. CD graphics and text can be used with CD audio while CD extras add dots to the audio. From CD audio is derived from CD ROM.

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