CSE Seminar Topic with Documentation on Network Custody System

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Network Custody System  :

In the present days custodian not only means traditional settlement and safe activity. There are a lot of challenges on custodian, as clients are demanding more sophisticated services.  In order to satisfy their customers and to strengthen their business custodians need to extend their services.

Previous value-added services are now offered as regular features of their custody services.  Today client is demanding for standard custody reporting, security lending, incoming processing, tax reclamation, electronic communication links and also automated sub-custodian networks as basic service.

Whereas technology solutions can help custodians when they are clear about what they want from them. Custodians looking for technology solutions are not focusing on automation of processes. Therefore an industry-wide platform is needed which helps in processing data quickly and is effective in terms of both security and economically. So automation of processes is required to increase efficiency and speed and to avoid repetition of work.

It is important that any solution provider should improve the effectiveness in Response to client queries, improve the accuracy of information and to be proactive in client dealings.    

NCS is based on re-engineered business processes for automation. It supports workflow management and focusses on client service response time through online information of various transactional statuses and reporting of trade. And also helps in providing security. NCS is based on object oriented 3-tier client/server architecture. This develops the application from technical implementation and enables enhancement for future technologies without impacting on existing application.

An NCS objective focuses on client maintenance increase in efficiency through work flow management and manages risks by prompts and alerts and also flexible architecture for future requirements.

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