CSE Seminar Topic on Voice Mail System

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on Voice Mail System:

Voice mail or voice message are the electronic message service. Voice message uses routing technology. It was introduced in 1970. Almost everyone in this word have their voice mail account. Voice mail is none of the important service that is used for leaving and retrieving any important message or document. Many companies in this world provide this service like cell phone voice mail, home voice mail and office voice mail service. It allows people to pass much important information from one person to other without being directly contacted.

It works on the digital technology that was introduced in late 70’s.This type of mails is managed by the off-site and on-site system. This makes cell phone very efficient by just passing the information to the person who is not present at that time. Our phone service also provides us the service for the voice mail.

Types of voice mail: – There are many types of voice mail service provided by the companies for different functions. There are mainly two types of voice mail service they are PC technology and by using equipment. PC based voice mail works on computer and severs. It uses software for the connectivity.

That software also integrates the incoming and outgoing of the message. Other type of voice mail service shares commonalities. Home voice mail refers as residential mail and they works on the land line and the incoming caller leaves the message for the receiver. Cell phone voice mail works wirelessly. Equipment voice mail is the business or office voice mails. They are expensive then PC based voice mails.

Future of voice mails: – This type of technology is in very use and at very fast developing rate. Many companies are unifying the various communication systems to make voice mail service and it helps us to decide that which message is important.

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