CSE Seminar Topic and Report on Iris Recognition Technology

Introduction to Iris Recognition Technology Seminar Topic:

Iris recognition technology is all about the identity of a person by using rapid visual recognition model, which is a innovated system to overcome the inability of independent statistical tests. The iris of a eye is the specific feature in the face because of its unique texture in each human. The Iris recognition for identity has very important part in the field of Bio metrics. 

Personal identification is the matter of concerned in current world. The Biometrics, identification relies on biological features in human, provides a very easy and trusty answer to the Identity recognition. The Iris recognition technology is a new with respect to other identification techniques with qualities of accuracy, speed, easy implementing feature. 

Iris has net like structure with number of overlays and different patterns. Basically the Iris recognition consists of four different steps namely: Image Acquisition, Preprocessing, Feature Extraction and Pattern Matching. The image of an eye is caught by the identification system or machine. Further the image is preprocessed. The iris patterns are differentiated. Lastly the matching of the image is decided. 

Though the Iris recognition system is still in the developing stage. Its research and development has been explored all over the world. The applications of this technology are following:

  1. Safe access of Bank accounts.
  2. Ticketless air travel.
  3. To generate driving license and other certificates.
  4. Internet security and its access can be controlled for confidential information. 


In this fast developing world the identification is most important criteria to communicate confidential matters. Now days the traditional ways of identification of a person like keys, certificates, passports etc. cannot meet the identification criteria. Thus Biometrics solves this problem by recognizing a identity by matching biological features. 

Iris recognition technology is one of the best applications of Biometrics that possesses great precision. Even it just recognizes without direct connection to a person. A comparative research showed that error percentage is much lower than any Biometric approach.

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