CSE Seminar Report on Wardriving

Introduction to CSE Seminar Topic on Wardriving:

Wardriving means to search for the wireless network from one place to another by moving on vehicle. This can be done by using wireless equipment’s such as laptop, PDA for detecting networks in the area. This technology is known as wireless LAN driving.To find the better network we use antenna through software. In today’s world the wireless network has become very important and it very useful of many industries and companies. This is called Wardriving because in it the group of people moves around the area and calculate the population of the wireless network.

Tools: – In this part we will decide the tools that are required for the Wardriving. There are various techniques through which we can configure the Wardriving and they are first is getting the hardware in which we need a hardware for using the Wardriving equipment that are of two types they are laptop setup and PDA setup.

Another technique is to choose a wireless network in which the wireless network works on the 802.11b network and for finding networks in the area we have to use 802.1 lb which is five time faster than the 802.11 b networks. And the third one is to decide the external antenna in which for better of the wifi we use this technique.

The wireless networks have the low power built in antenna in radio waves and the external antenna will increase the power or range of the radio waves. And the last one is to connect our antenna to the wireless network for this we need an appropriate cable for proper connection and many of the antennas have N-type connectors. For connection to the wireless connection you might have to purchase barrel connectors for the N type connectors.

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