CSE Seminar Report on Symbian Operating System

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on Symbian Operating System :

Symbian OS is an open operating system popularly used in advanced smart phones from handset providers. It provides features like contacts, messaging, and mailing system and also extends its services to enterprise information system.

Symbian OS which is the current name of operating system was previously known as ‘EPOC’.  The name of EPOC still exists in class/file names and also in documentation of earlier. EPOC is still used to refer kernel. Symbian OS is based on three rules firstly it focusses on integrity and security of user data; secondly it focusses on user time that it should not be wasted and finally as efficient utilization of resources.

The key feature of Symbian OS is performance: i.e. the applications of this o.s demands to work at even low battery and even with minimal memory. And other factor is multitasking: i.e. it allows the tasks to access parallel so that performance increases.it supports object oriented approach. Also these applications provide security and data can be stored in secure manner.

Symbian OS is not open source software. The phone manufacturers are provided with parts of source code. The APIs are documented publicly so that its implementation can be done by the users. To provide access to certain fields the developer needs to sign to the application. The developer has a capability of signing into their own application.

The Symbian OS is based on basic language of c++ and the OS is based on microkernel architecture with several layers designed from top to bottom.

In this paper we have introduced a new OS named Symbian, which is mostly used in advanced phones and its features.  And a detail level of Symbian is explained.

Download  CSE Seminar Report on Symbian Operating System.

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