CSE Seminar Report on Steganography in Images

Introduction to Steganography in Images:

This paper is about how to use Steganography, masking, filtering in images in order to protect from piracy.  Steganography is collection of message hiding techniques.

Overview- Steganography in Images

Images Steganography works based on the limitations of human visual system.  Data in images can be hidden in many ways. Least significant bit insertion, masking, filtering, algorithms and transformations are popular images data hiding approaches.  These approaches applied to the images data based on the varying data hiding requirements.

In order to create embedded information in least significant bit insertion technique, the least significant bits of image need to be modified. Images will get marked as like in paper watermarking in order to hide the images data in masking and filtering technique. As a part of Steganography, watermarking extends the image data and provides attributes like license, ownership or copyright details to the image. A Steganographic system also consists of spread-spectrum techniques like direct sequence and frequency hopping, which can be useful to hide the images information. Patchwork technique is an ideal images watermarking technique. This technique is working based on pseudorandom number sequence.

In image processing more robust techniques are cropping and rotating, but it depends on the cost of message size. Watermark will be readable even if the image is cropped. In predetermined manner, hidden throughout the image can be takes place by the techniques encrypt and scatter. Algorithm and stego-key techniques are helpful to decode the extracted message bits. 


Digital images encoding is one of the popular Steganography techniques. Now-a-days, Steganography software is readily available in internet. This paper discussed about the different approaches used for image hiding. Steganography plays an important role in providing security to valuable media.  With the help of Steganography, one individual can secure his\her artistic creations.  Along with the cryptography if we want to provide more security to our data, we can make use of Steganography. 

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