CSE Seminar Report on Nano RAM

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Nano RAM:

NRAM is a product of nanotechnology. The main objective of the company is delivering a product which will replace all present forms of memory of DRAM, SRAM, Flash memory and Hard disk storage. Other words a universal memory chip responsible for replacing existing and new applications.

It has a lot of advantages over DRAM. I.e. NRAM performs faster at very low power consumption that DRAM. It is a non-volatile chip and provides permanent data storage even not in power. 

The term nanotechnology defines where Nanos means billion. That means it is a technology that measures components or features. Simply nanotechnology is manipulation of atoms or molecules for creating objects which are smaller than hundreds of nano metres. 

Products are made up of atoms. The properties of the products depend on the arrangement of atoms. If we rearrange atoms in coal can form diamond. The two concepts associated with Nanotechnology are Positional assembly and self-replication. Positional assembly is arrangement of molecules for getting molecular parts at right places.

The self-replicating systems make copies of themselves and also for manufacturing the useful products. If we design a system the manufacturing costs and also the product cost is low.

Every day research is been carried to build ideas for products on molecule level. Thus, with the usage of NRAM provides very fast than compared to other applications.

The paper is about implementation of new product, NRAM which will replace all existing memories. And in detail description was given about NRAM and also it is compared with all existing memories and its advantages are given. And concludes that NRAM plays a vital role and its performance is better when compared to all existing memories.

Download  CSE Seminar Report on Nano RAM.

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