CSE Seminar Report on Computer Viruses

Introduction to Computer Virus Seminar Topic:

Computer viruses are called viruses because they share some of the traits of organic viruses. A virus passes from computer to computer like an organic virus passes from person to person.

A computer virus shares some of this affection. A computer virus must on top of some other program or document in order to get executed. Once it is running, it is then able to infect other programs or documents. The agreement between computer and biological virus’s distance things a bit,

Unlike Computer Mobiles also has a virus. 

Types of Viruses:-

Some Basic Types of virus are as follows:-

  1. 1.  File Viruses.
  2. Boot Sector Virus.
  3. Multipartite Virus.
  4. Micro Virus.
  5. Network Virus.
  6. E-Mail Virus etc…

Protection against Viruses:-

We can protect Our System by Following Steps:-

  1. Secure Operating system: – We should be running a more secure operating system like UNIX. No one can ever hear about viruses on these operating systems because the security features keep viruses away from your hard disk.
  2. Antivirus Protection: – If anyone is using a complete operating system, then purchasing an antivirus is a better option.
  3. Unknown Sources Protection: –If any one clearly avoids unknown sources & stick with marketing CDs, you throw out every risk from the established viruses.
  4. Micro Virus Protection: – One should make sure that Virus Protection is authorized in all MS applications, so avoid macros till you know what it does. There is uncertainly a good thing to add macros to a document/file.
  5. Email Virus Protection: – You should never open an attached file that contains an executable program that comes e-mail, It will cause no damage but files like .EXE is executable and may contain virus. 


The current aim is for those who are anguish of threats, which possibly reach till the acquirement, in confront with the danger in present days. The best advice to follow is to remain attend to what the dangers are there, to protect against them.

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