CSE Seminar Report on Animatronics

Introduction to Animatronics Seminar Topic:

If we combine electronics and animation a new field emerges which has a great role in the field of entertainment this is called as Animatronics. We can consider an example of a mechanized puppet which has limited movements such as movement of jaws or some other parts of its body, these movements are possible either by mechanical process or electronic motors then the effects of these movements of a puppet can be enhanced using animation.

First this concept is used by Walt Disney in their Disneyland for creating the life like creatures out of Dinosaurs and few extinct animals. We can also consider the movies of JAWS, E.T as examples of Animatronics.

Animatronics process is done in 4 levels as follows:

Design Process: – Characters look, Type of movements and also number of movements; message conveyed in a move, Time frame to complete the work and budget are main things under design process.

Sculpting: –  Here the finalized deign of a creature is given a three dimensional shape using art work, reference photos, models, similar look alike.

Mould making: – This department prepares moulds for the 3 D sculpture. It’s a painstaking process and requires utmost precision. Whether the mould should produce one piece or multiple pieces should be decided. 

Armature fabrication: – Other parts of the body where movements are there, those parts are fabricated with metal and required bearings or motors are fitted at right places for precise movements. This process is marriage of both technology and art.

Costuming: – Tailoring the garments for the creature. The movement of various parts should be considered in this process.

Programming: – This is the most rewarding step as all the moves of the creature and its facial effects accordingly should be coordinated and difficult animated actions should be shown using the creature. 

At the end we can conclude that to build an animatronics creature requires specialized skill set and technical knowledge along with good investment. We can take animatronics as career but we should have a team with specialization in mechanical & electrical & electronics Engineering, Radio controls, Sculpture / Casting etc. with above resources one can create wonders with animatronics.

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