CSE Seminar Paper on Digital Watermarking

Introduction to CSE Seminar Topic on Digital Watermarking:

The world largest and very useful device is the Internet and the MMNS called as the Multi Media Networking System. This devices are required in each and every field now a day’s. All work related to technology is done by this devices. Because of this the replica of various data and information’s are launched. So to stop this malware of making copy right of the original application this system has been developed called as the Digital Watermarking also abbreviated as DWM. This is meant to a very strong device to solve these issues. This all information and the data are stored in the digital content.

Digital watermarking is of various types like robust, fragile, visible and invisible etc… this device has the security protection like the finger prints of the admin, unique identity etc… the data stored in digital formats are called as the digital documents which are developed in digital based media. This has a couple of advantages like secure data storage, copyright of the application without data loss. There are some of the limitations of this device like malware copies, duplicate copies, lack of protection to copyright, lack of admin identity.

Some of the applications related to the digital watermarking are Monitoring the Broadcast of the work that is active. Second is Encoding, Controlling the copyright and playbacks, authentications of the data and information contents. These applications are those which are widely supportable to the Digital Watermarking.

The demanding issues of the digital watermarking has incremented the need of the copyright protections. The illegal lose of the digital watermarking should be prevented. Because the internet plays the key role in transferring the data from one system to another this digital watermarking is the best option to protect its copyright issues. This is largely use to protect the malware functions and actions happening over the internet. 

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