CSE Project with Documentation on Reconciliation Engine

Introduction to Reconciliation Engine Project:


The point of the venture is to advance a Reconciliation Engine (RECONGINE) item that should be utilized for supervising and taking care of accommodation between an ensemble’s Ledger records and Statements gained from Banks. The Engine will deal with harmonization for disbursal and additionally accumulation records. This motor could be utilized by any conglomeration that has various outside Banks/Institutions to bargain with. The motor could be manages driven and accommodate programmed matching and also manual matching through recommendations from the motor.

Purpose of Suggested Item

The prevailing practicality of the framework could be:

  • Accounts parts catch.
  • Rules catch and support.
  • Reconciliation substance catch.
  • Internal Ledger, External Bank explanation entries/upload.
  • Automatic Reconciliation technique.
  • Manual Reconciliation technique.
  • Authorization technique.
  • Reports/Queries. 

Parts of Functionality

Accounts Parts Catch

This module will catch portions of the records (Both Internal and External) that will take an interest in the conciliation methodology for an organization.

Outer records may be Bank records administered with outside monetary institutions (enjoy SBI, UTI). The records might be reserve funds, current, disbursal, gathering records.

Inside records are frequently the record records administered in the organization records office. There may be single or various record records comparing to bookkeeping transactions (receipts, installments, money, lender and so forth.)

The taking after fields can be administered for every record – Name of record, Description, Swift code, Telephone number, Fax number, message location, Address, City, State, Zip code. 

Controls Catch and Support

The Rules emphasize will give you a chance to demarcate and customize the diverse governs appropriate for matching transactions. The five parameters included in setting governs are, Amount, Grouping Criteria, Reference Number and Booking Date.

Once a standard is demarcated then it might be connected with one or more conciliation elements. The aforementioned should be utilized to certify how the harmonization can be performed for the substance. One or more manages might be connected with a conciliation substance. A principle could be either utilized for automatic matching or for prescribed matching

For each of the above parameters, the condition might be Exact Matching or Matching with Tolerance, where the tolerance component might be positive and also negative. 

Download  CSE Project with Documentation on Reconciliation Engine .

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