CSE Project Idea on Zed Graph Based Time Tracking Tool

Introduction to Zed Graph Based Time Tracking Tool:

This project includes It is a class library, windows forms user control, ASP Web-accessible control for creating 2Dline, bar and pie graphs of article datasets. Every aspect of the graph can be user modified and at the same time the usage of the classes is kept simple by providing default values for all the graph attributes. The Zed Graph is compatible with .NET 2.0, VS .NET 2005. It is maintained as an open source development project on source Forge.

Zed Graph now supports both .NET 2.0 and .NET 1.1.

For .NET 2.0 we use Zed Graph version 5.0+.

For .NET 1.1 we use Zed Graph version 4.5+.

There are many graphing libraries out there, but no one seems to be fit I found McCarty too quirky and many other options are there but they did not have flexibility most of the commercial packages would do but I need something free so, Zed Graph was born.

Zed Graph Wiki and the online class documentation provide lots of helpful tips and descriptions.

VB users in this article uses C# exclusively, for example all the code samples for the tutorial, plus other examples are available for Visual Basic.

Zed Graph on a Web Control

It includes a class derived from the control class that facilitates access from ASPX web page code. The Zed Graph Wiki includes detailed examples of web control usage for two rendering modes, Raw image and image Tag.

Zed Graph as a User Control:

It is accessible from the control toolbox in visual studio .NET. view the toolbox using the view/toolbox menu command. Right-click inside the “General” sub-pane of the toolbox, and select the “choose items.” option. Click “Browse …”, and navigate the Zed Graph .dll file. Once this is added, you should see the Zed Graph Control option in the toolbox.

 Download CSE Project Idea on Zed Graph Based Time Tracking Tool.

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