CSE Project Idea on Instant Feeling Messages

Introduction to Instant Feeling Messages Seminar Topic:

The Project is based on the development of the visualization service to enable the trapped, stored and sharing of the messages with the help of software. The cognitive priming theory is the basic principle for this development of software. The human sentiments are submerged in the era of internet with lots of galleries that are explored through the media inventories which is priming us to collect personal memories in the form of digital memory.

The collections of the media galleries are quickly moving from one computer to another in the form of the text, sounds, images, animations and enable to capture the flying sentimental experiences and emotionally sharing with the loved one. Further development and advancement of the messaging era like SMS, E mail, RSS Feeds, we are developing the new generation easy understanding type of instant messaging called IFM or Instant Feeling Messages. 

Features of IFM 

  1. The IFM allows the user to upload and download the images from the internet and flickr databases.
  2. The software enable the user to access and see the mails from their mobile phones and download of the news.
  3. The software works by using the verbs and assign it to the images to make it visual.
  4. The user has option to tag the image with the verbs.
  5. The invisible verb in the database also allows the system to download the image from internet.
  6. The presentations and visualizations can be stored for future use and for distribution.
  7. The presentations can be uploaded on the internet.
  8. The other important features like downloading, sending emails and sms, are included in the software. 

Development of the system 

The Project development is following the principle of the transparency of the software interaction to the human. The software is sub divided into the Session and Experience. The Session is related with the tackling of the IFM. The Experience is related with the receiving and viewing of IFM.

Download  CSE Project Idea on Instant Feeling Messages .

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