CSE PPT Topics on Magnetic Storage Systems

In storage systems which are based on patterned media, the data which has single bits are recorded to distinct; nanometer-sized defined lithographically islands, each ideally single domain. The shape, size as well as distribution of islands depend on the process of the fabrication which is implemented, which is under the media designer’s control.

The main benefits of patterned media in excess of conventional media using film which is in continuous magnetic thin is the capability to get around the limit of super para-magnetic  In system which is considered as the magnetic storage, the SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) is communicated to the magnetic grains number per bit which is recorded.

In bit size which is recorded a reduction needs a grain size reduction to retain enough grains number per bit as well as sustain the SNR which is acceptable. But, as sizes of grain are decreased they become thermally less stable, to such degree that storage of the media is no longer feasible.

In the patterned media case, the magnetic islands which are formed by the grains are coupled strongly and, as and output, do not need size reduction of any grain. In accumulation, because of region which is nonmagnetic between islands, noise which is transition is ubiquitous in continuous thin-film which depended upon media, effectively is removed.

 Between tracks presented nonmagnetic region also allows the side tracks removal which presented in continuous film depending upon media to give guarantee about enough separation presented between the tracks which are recorded; this also allows the “built-in” tracking capabilities possibility.

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