CSE PPT Topic on Greedy Algorithms

 Introduction to Greedy Algorithms Paper Presentation:

There is three of the greedy algorithm which is in the hardware of the computer system. They are the kruskal’s approach where the low weighted edge cannot form any of the life cycles. Prim’s approach where an arbitrary node is selected to start the process. Here at any of the duration of the time the components and the nodes can be easily connected.

A very less weight of the edges are selected for the nodes as well as type components. And also the at last the Boruka’s approach where the components and the nodes are arranged in parallel modes.

The problem issues of the greedy approaches are the Inputs where the selected are connected in the graphs that are together undirected. Second is the Task where a spanning tree of the greedy algorithm of the together total minimum weights.  Third is the spanning tree where the spanning tree consists the n-1 edges where it seems that there are no cycles are formed. The properties related to the MST are that if a cycle is has the heavy edge so this heavy edge never appears in the spanning tree and it always remains invisible here.

The various ideas of the vertices or the co-ordinates of the nodes are if a tree has an edge which is not present in the tree then the heaviest edge always lies o the tree at the allocated co-ordinates. If the one edge of the edge is less than that edge which are present in the tree then the edges will never be present in the tree. 

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