CSE PPT Topic on Bluetooth

Introduction to Blu

Bluetooth is the device or the application which is connected without any wire connection from one place to another. But this Bluetooth device has certain limitation of the area which the data can be transferred successfully and if the host goes out of that area then the transfer of the data gets failed and the Bluetooth device stops its execution of its process. We can also call the Bluetooth technology as the wireless data transfer technology where the data can be transfer can be done in ease within a limited area.

The specification of the Bluetooth devices are the device purely operates at 2.4 GHz. It has the collection of total 79 channels in all together. It makes the uses of the FHSS and the GFSK types of modulation. It has the total speed of 1600 hops/sec. it has the total connection of around 8 Bluetooth devices in one piconet.

It does not have any related line of the views and observation. This device is less cost available in markets and has a very short transmission range too. If the person connected with the Bluetooth device to other and if he goes out of the limited range then the connection gets discarded fully.

The problem issues and the limitations of the Bluetooth device are the blue jacking, blue snarfing, blue spamming, rate of the data is very less in limit, it works only at the distance of point to point. This Bluetooth technology has various features that are spread worldwide. The service of communicating by Bluetooth is very easy and also at free of cost. In the short area of range facility this applications gets connected with various devices which makes the use of several connectors. This Bluetooth device supports both the voice as well the data information that is to be communicated with each other.

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