CSE PPT Topic on Bluetooth Internet

Introduction to CSE PPT Topic on Bluetooth Internet:

Bluetooth is the type of technology where no wire is required to connect with the other devices. This application is complete a wireless technology where two or more than two people can communicate with each other with less cost and also very fast. Here the user can transfer the data or can transfer the any type of data that they want. It is complete a free process. Bluetooth range has a limited space of the coverage area and if the person comes inside the coverage area that person gets automatically gets connected and can start using the Bluetooth services.

Bluetooth is also called as the specification that is related to the industries with the complete wireless process which are also called as the PAN called as the Personal Area Networks. This system uses the standard protocol called as the IEEE 802.15.1. Internet access by making the use of the Bluetooth is also a great technology where the user can access the internet services from the personal computer by enabling the Bluetooth application from the Bluetooth supported mobile phone.

The range capacity of the Bluetooth connecting services are 1m and 10m and also 100m. If any person going out of this range then the Bluetooth services sets the disable status for that person.

The internet that is required on the cell phones is nothing but to just update the themes and the applications or the games that are present in the cell phones and also any work with the other stuffs. By downloading the themes, games, songs and any other documents and then transfer them to any other devices by the help of the Bluetooth is the great technique by making the use of technology. This Bluetooth technology is completely free and also supports the GPRS systems. The main advantage of the device is the low cost and the anytime fast access to it.

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