CSE Minor Project Report on Computer Network

computer networks is nothing but collection of systems to gather interlinking with channel  and  to sharing of sources ,where at least exists one system is send/receive the data and another one responded to retrieve/send  the source  or otherwise interconnection of systems mutually sharing the information. To share the information between the system are maybe  get/use the resources  from one system to other system, to transmit the data ,mutual data transmission and also sharing Hardware devices like printer ,chatting, video  calls and mails are possible when system are in networking Environment.

The internet connection is possible while using the two types of technologies wired and wireless Technologies. Wired technology is existing by using the telecommunication link; where link is contain the cable wires (cables wires are twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, phone lines and an optical fibber). Wireless technology is exist using the various technologies are like satellite, radio-wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Terrestrial microware

 Network connection is possible by the usage of places there are three types Categories LAN, WAN and MAN.

LAN (local area network) is containing in single building where LAN size is restricted. LAN is depends on three different types characteristics .Those are size, topology and Transmission Technology, this run the speed between 10MBPSs to 100MBPS and now changed up to 10GBPS.Ethernet(IEEE 802.3) is mainly involved on LAN.WAN (wide area network) connection is existing abroad or a large geographical area like regional, country and continent. The speed starts from 10MBPS and up to 20GBPS.MAN (metropolitan area network) is establishing the connection on large campus or city.

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