CSE Latest Seminar Idea on KPI Analysis

Introduction to CSE Latest Seminar Idea on KPI Analysis :

This Seminar idea is about KPI analysis. KPI stands for key performance index; it is capable of measuring the key performance of a system by considering all the aspects or parameters of the system we have considered. This paper also includes all the constraints related to KPI’s, also the methods for masterising the KPI optimization.

The analysis provides suggestions regarding the business and also provides whether there is requirement for any reviews and even training to be provided based on the analysis of performance.

When we speak about the paging success rate, it is considered as the ratio of the circuit paging requests which are success to that of all the paging requests. The success rate of the paging can increase the KPI’s when the hardware is even supported. 

When we consider a sample the availability of the SDCCH is considered as the parameter of KPI for measuring the traffic where the measurement is through the measurement related tasks. The values of the KPI can be affected when we block manually and even when there is a failure in the equipment can also affects the KPI value. 

The congestion ratio also affects the KPI value in the service. The congestion implies the inefficiency of the resources shared by the devices. It affects the system performance drastically.

 In case of the traffic measurement in the analysis of KPI includes the definition of KPI, the impact of them in the network , classification and also the measurement point of the KPI’s , also the elements of the environment that affects the KPI, also the networking functions which affects the KPI and the mutual affect caused between KPI.

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