Introduction to Mirror Techniques and Load Balancing Techniques Project:

The download of files by accessing many mirror sites is very common for users. The Project is focused on the installing of mirror to deal with the distribution. The Project also has the proposal of centralized load balancing algorithm for the accessibility of information between the mirrors. 

Problem Specification 

The problem specification is showed for the following.

  1. To identify the mirror technique with the installation of the mirror in a Linux Distribution as Debian.
  2. To analyze the current load balancing algorithms to make a multitasking centralized load balancing algorithm for the duplicated servers and validation of the algorithm by run it. 

The downloading is directly linked with the work capacity of the server. The purpose of the mirror installation is to reduce the more use of server. The load balancing is very important to optimize the server capacity or performance to distribute the information to all clients.

The Mirroring fosters ease the distribution of all assets in a unusual way and peer to peer way to assist the in the growth of the useful information for the community. 

The mirroring technique makes the servers duplication effective integrated with exact load balancing techniques. The different set of duplicated servers and mirrors performance requires the algorithms to load balance between server and the clients.  

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