CSE Final Year Project on Institute Management System

Introduction to  Institute Management System:

The Institute Management System is developed by the use of Visualbasic. Net and Oracle that computerized the whole process of system. The application works in the form of handling the Queries, Admissions, Courses, Field of study, Staffs, Materials, Attendance, Cancellation, Internals, Office financial entries, Expenditures etc. The project deals easily for the user and accept editing to update the information. The system consists of password which make the system threat free, to access it by the authorized user. 

The need of Institute Management system is felt by the Administration to update the manual system into computerized. In manual Institute management system the huge records has to be maintained, various employees are engaged for the work, for instance, one employee for enquiry  or query information while other is working for the recording of managing bills related with income and expenditure, similarly other maintains material information. The access of the confidential information of the institute can be easily accessed by any user. Also the error occurrence is more due to manual entries into the registers. 

The Computerized Institute Management System made the application easy information related with the courses, staff, attendance with internal development, the creation of fee bills, daily, weekly and monthly expenditures updating. 

The module of the computerized system consists of Inquiry  Merit List, Waiting List, Cancellations, Admission, Attendance, Courses, Internals, Staff, and Accounting. 

 The application is made available to the employees and proper knowledge is required. The implementation of the application requires the Training of the personnel, Conversation Procedures, Post implementation review or evaluation. 

The application can be developed under Windows 2000 operating system, VB.Net and Oracle programs, 20 GB hard disk drive, 256 MB RAM.

 Download  CSE Final Year Project on Institute Management System.

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