Corporate Strategy – Strategic Marketing Management

Corporate Strategy: 

The corporate level considers the formulation responsibilities of primary strategy that includes the business sets definition which forms the overall profile of all organizations that consists of strategic alliances, decisions took on acquisitions and joint ventures by selecting the tactics of growth and diversification which manages the capabilities and corporate resources.  The decisions that are related to corporate-level are typical to handle at some high levels in an organization by the chief executive officer or the board of directors though the individual’s receive the input from the other level managers while considering the corporate strategy. 

The description of a corporation strategy can be given as the responsibilities to be undertaken by the board or top management of an organization performance financially. The levels of strategies are all financially oriented which considers shareholders such as primary stakeholders those who participate in the corporate strategy process. The complete focus of the corporate strategy is on the macro environment that considers the technological and economic components.  The field of corporate finance has a total of three questions which are considered as fundamental. The three questions are as follows: 

  • How the valuation of real assets could be done?
  • What capital structure should a firm maintain?
  • What should be the dividend policy of firm?

The business firms allow flexibility in the rapid change of a firm. Innovation deals with the new values creation in an extra ordinary way. A successful organization deals with the creativity that considers the employees contribution also.

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