Corporate Recruitment System

Corporate recruitment system is a web based tool that has come into existence to reduce the gap between job seeker and job provider. It makes the recruitment of required skilled employees easy and faster as especially in fast growing IT companies that grown on trend technologies the recruitment should be done fast. The existing recruitment procedure is time consuming so there is a need for efficient recruitment process such a process is our corporate recruitment system. The corporate recruitment system is designed using java web technologies like servlets, JSP, JDBC, JavaBeans, Java Scripts, HTML and windows XP server with a hard disk of Intel Pentium III , RAM of 128MB and a CD drive

This system is designed on a number of different modules

  1. Registration of job seekers and job providers: Both parties should register in the system .Separate forms are provided for both the job seekers and job providers.
  2. Advanced search option for  job providers: System provides a database to the job providers that contains all the data about suitable candidates
  3. Job provider’s module: Administrator maintains all site users.
  4. Listing jobs for job seekers: new jobs are updated by the job providers
  5. Sending mails to job seekers: When any of the job provider selects a job seekers profile that particular person will be intimated by the administrator.
  6. Conducts online tests: CRS also conducts online tests as designed by the organization that recruits the job seekers. Here the job provider provides a password to job seeker
  7. Generation of reports: CRS allows job providers to generate reports based on tests or on any of their requirements.

Through this corporate recruitment system process certain business requirements are also met they are

  1. Search capabilities
  2. User friendly
  3. Tracking management
  4. Value added service
  5. Security

In CRS structured analysis is also carried out that allows user to understand a newly designed system. It is a detailed step by step investigation of related procedures to see what must be done and to determine the best way.

Download Corporate Recruitment System  Report.

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