Converting Short Term IT Service Project into Long Term Multiyear Strategic Relationships

The writer has in depth regarding the small ranged ADM projects set to outsource offshore and then renovating the projects into a major offshore element since they get cosily with the concept of global outsourcing. The writer has programmed the list of benefits that is provided by the multi-year relationships plus had drawn a roadmap which is necessarily has to be followed for edifying a multiyear strategic connection.

The road map drawn by the writer is further divided into various phases plus each phase is being followed in a correct manner. In the first phase, the assessment of the sources as well as the capability of the   supply options are explained along with comparing the different countries sources as well.

In the second phrase the dimensions of universal sourcing program is haggard as well as discussed in depth.  In the third phrase, the identification as well as the development of the specific relationship plus agreement with specific partner is being discussed.

The researcher had checked the editorial, here the writer has represented a new vision to the outsourcing plus has talked about several phase which are drawn in its expansion process. The editorial is totally research based, it do not require any kind of illustration or nor surveys thus its execution is to be seen yet. 

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