Continuous Monitoring Of Spatial Queries Latest CSE Project Abstract

Data broadcasting through wireless is one of the most ideal solution for the dissemination of information and it also leverages the capabilities of cellular phones. This also enhances the system’s scalability and allow continuous broadcast through the server. It also leaves blanks along with some informations on indexing for the processing of queries. Clients can also then process their issues without the need of connecting to the server, simply by tuning in the channels of broadcasting. The previous works of  processing on spatial query has only taken the snapshot queries into consideration over the period of static data. Here, an air indexing process is proposed that has several features like:

Accessing low latency while performing the already existing snapshot techniques, on the energy consumption terms

Constituting the efficient processing of still spatial queries over the motion objects

In this project we have gone through the  processing of spatial queries in an environment of wireless broadcasting. The sever located centrally allows to transmit data along with information on indexing. These can be processed locally by the clients by simply accessing the channel of broadcasting. In this complete setting we have focused on reducing the consumption of power and the latency accessed on the part of the clients. We further proposed the latest in indexing method that make use of grids to transmit and well as store objects. Algorithms are also designed by us for queries and snapshots over dynamic and static data. This is the first proposal of air indexing technology that:

Keeps motion objects in consideration

Address queries of a continuous series

With the help of extensive experiments we can demonstrate the algorithm efficiency in comparison with the current frameworks for the cures of snapshots. The only challenging part of this project is the cost of the models used for monitoring of the spatial queries for wireless broadcasting.

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