Contingency Analysis in Power Systems PPT

Introduction to Contingency Analysis in Power Systems:

For evaluation, providing and prioritizes on electric power system an simulator is used. Power flow method of an AC is very expensive, have computational problem, and the time consumed is very much. To model the effects and to simulate the effects of removing equipment from the power system we used CA network parameters. They also determine contingency analysis.

DC power flow method: in this n-1 is the number rest all the resistance are neglected.

Line resistance is neglectedso    =        Y ij= Gij + jBij = jBij

Ddpq = = – (K0)-1 (dpsDK p+ dpsDKq)

Z matrix method: in this method Y bus matrix is inverted and injected into the current bus. For converting MVA loads to impedance following formula is used: 

Post contingency equilibrium:  for computing the equilibrium condition immediately following methods are used: first analysis of integration is done then simultaneous iteration id done and at last partition function.

Conclusion:  these methods are isolated and interconnected. They use online support decision tool, and faster methods locating potential trouble spots.

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