Constructing And Testing Of Polynomials Predicting Software Maintainability Abstract

Introduction to Constructing And Testing Of Polynomials Predicting Software Maintainability:

In non object oriented software system module modularization quality is calculated based on modules without using classes. Theoretical validation implies conformance to a set of agreed principles. Re-organization of millions of  lines of code residing in thousands of files in hundred of directories into modules , where each module is formed by grouping a set of entities such as files , data structures, functions and variables.

In this project we set design principles for code modularization and produce set of metrics that characterize software in relation to those principles. Some metrics are structural, architectural and notions. The structural metrics refer to inter module coupling based notions. The architectural metrics refer to horizontal layering of modules in large software systems.

This project makes use of three types of contributions cohesion, coupling and complexity of metrics to modularize the software. Modularization algorithm is based on the combination of coupling and cohesion metrics .Finally two types of experiments are made to validate the metrics using open source software system they are                                                                       

 1. Apply metrics to two different versions of the same software system

 2. Experimental validation consists of randomizing a well-modularized body of software and seeing how the value of the metrics changed. Our project thus provides metrics that seek to characterize a body of software according to the enunciated principles. 

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