Congestion Control PPT Presentation

Introduction to Congestion Control PPT Presentation:

This document explains congestion control in detail. When a network is active network failure many geographical conditions causes congestion control. Congestion stops the data transfer and sometime send data. Topics we will go through in this document are queuing discipline, reacting to congestion, avoiding congestion, quality of services.

There are some issues congestion can be avoided in two ways  one is to use pre allotted or available resources to control congestion, avoid congestion or control if it occurs. There are two ways of implementation to control congestion. There are two service models used for congestion control.

Let us understand the framework used for congestion control. Connectionless flow of packets between the destination and the source is necessary so that to avoid congestion. Taxonomy for congestion is router – centric or host – centric, reservation – based or feedback – based, window – based or rate – based. Congestion control is evaluated on the basis of fairness and power is delay caused in sending and receiving of data packets.

Queuing Discipline

First in first out used for queuing discipline is not able to differentiate between traffic sources.

Fair queuing clearly segregates traffic based on the flow of data packets from source to destination. Fair queuing transmits the next packet as soon as the last bit of the first packet finishes its transmission.

Tcp Congetsion Control

TCP determines network capacity of it to send the data packets and then transmits the data it also uses implicit feedback which gives acknowledgement about the status of the packet that is whether it is transmitted properly or not. While transmitting data the challenge faced by the TCP congestion control is to determine its capacity and adjust the data transfer according to the available capacity.

Additive Increase Multiple Decrease

AIMD allows the data packets to adjust according to the available capacity of the network and transmits the data.

Other algorithms used for congestion control are RED Random Early Detection. DEC Bit.

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