Conclusion and Future Work of Organizational Strategies MBA Project

Conclusion and Future work

Organizational strategies are very important to decide the success or failure of any organization and in general there are different strategies developed towards different units in the organization. Even the performance and job satisfaction of the employees also depends on the level of involvement of the employees towards the organizational strategies and if the employees can really understand and communicated with the organizational strategies, their job satisfaction can be improved a lot. There is lot of research done towards the impact of the organizational strategies on the performance and job satisfaction of the employees and most of the research is done in the perspective of the employee job satisfaction and there are some gaps in the literature towards the role of communication from the management side to be delivered towards the employee understanding levels of the employees on the organizational strategies.

The main aim of this research to evaluate the role of communication on the organizational strategies towards the job satisfaction of the employees, a qualitative research methodology is considered across this project and case study based approach is considered as the basic research design across the research. AMT coffee limited is considered as the case study across this research and different respondents like operational manager, area manager and front line employees are interviewed using the semi structured interviews and their opinions are considered as the primary source of information to proceed with the research.

From the findings of the research based on the interview with operational manager, it is clear that there is always a scope to develop and implement a new strategy across the production unit in terms of number of units to be produced and also new production techniques for more output and these strategies are always communicated to the employees in the form of regular review and team meetings. Even email communication is used to escalate the frequent updates and changes in the production strategies to the employees and as per the opinion of the operational manager, email communication does not fetch expected results as most of the employees ignore these mails when they are busy with the regular work.

Targets are fixed to the employees during the strategy development process and even the employees are involved in few cases when the strategies are being developed or changed and thus the employees feel the required ownership and responsibility towards the production strategies and develop the required job satisfaction levels of their core work. As per the opinion of the area manager, strategies related to distribution and sales are done at the beginning of the month or a quarter and most of these strategies are fixed for long duration.

 Employees are communicated through emails regularly towards their daily targets and any changes in the strategies and most of the employees respond to these emails as they are subjected directly about the targets and the existing strategies and the corresponding changes to the strategies. In general the team meetings and review meetings are held when there are any major changes to the distribution strategies and across these meetings, most of the employees are involved and their advices are considered towards the distribution strategies and they are well communicated as well on a regular basis.

As per the opinion of the employees, their management is implementing a successful communication process to make sure they understand the corresponding strategies of the organization and also execute them as per the predefined manner. Most of the employees are satisfied with the level of communication delivered by their respective managers and also agree that understanding the organizational strategies improves their job satisfaction and also performance.

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