Computerized Bus Depot Management System V.B Project

  The Computerized Bus Depot Management System  software collects and maintains a database having information about parts of buses, their maintenance, daily collection and daily reports.

 The Computerized System For SMT  provides the storage and instance access of all critical information. It manages everything from data entry, daily reports, of both main depot and sub depot, different register for engines, clutch plate, oil change, electrical and F.I pump.

 In existing system information of every bus and its management from cost and maintenance information is maintained in the form of records which is a time taking process.  In this method there is chance of  losing important data and it is always tough to find out old information.

 In present system it will be more efficient because it works on software application and data is maintained in database retrieving and updating information will be fast and easy.

This application is implemented in Visual Basic and M.S Access.

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