Computer Virus and Antivirus Presentation

Introduction to Computer Virus and Antivirus Presentation:

These are basically the executable that execute itself and keep on executing their by creating interference in the system working. They have the capability of avoiding themselves from anti viruses or from windows defender. They usually affect the .exe, .bin, .com files of the systems. These are normal virus. Few viruses only affect the boot record of any hard disk or cd. Polymorphic virus is very rare but they have the capability to multiply themselves. They are very difficult to get detected by the system.

The entire virus are not destructive in nature, they only take the control of the computer and then start making copy of themselves. They are just only the programs created by the programmers, they do experiments with them, but we do not support them who do such experiments. These viruses have the capability to erase the data of our hard disk and dis balance the functioning of the computer.

There are lot of anti-viruses but also have their limitations on their work. They are designed to detect the single viruses. If we don’t know have the deep knowledge of any viruses then we can’t create the anti-viruses. It is not necessary that viruses only come in the computer, they also affect the mobile devices, and they also come from internet while downloading any file.

Antiviruses: they are software designed to detect the harmful files or viruses in the system. It detect all the .exe, .bin file in the systems and checks them whether they are harmful or not. Few anti-viruses delete the harmful file from the system. It should be like that. Best anti-viruses are that have the capability to repair the viruses. Because that file may be useful to us. For example few anti-viruses delete the .exe file of the game, and after that game become non-functional.

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