Computer Seminar Topic on Wimax Technology

Introduction to Computer Seminar Topic on Wimax Technology:

It is the wireless network based on the broadband with high speed communication. It was first introduced in 1998 by the NIST and then after long processing it was released in the 2004. They are best for the rural and the metro regions where the network problem is common. They provide transmission of high power. They use standard antennas that may have range from 10 GHz to 60 GHz. In this transmission interference is very less or negligible. They can send the data at the speed of 100 Mb/s both uploading and downloading. Some operators might use multi- channels fir data transfer up to the speed of 300 MB/s.

Wi-Max is multi point link they can link either to the ISP or to the telephone line over the longer distance. Single signal transmitters can communicate to the many subscribers whether they are indoor or outdoor. They use mode communication it means subscribers can connect to each other and communicate. This decreases the cost efficiency.

In Chennai last year Aircel has tested its Wi-Max network which is still under construction. Wi-Max is costly for initial setup and they need nice infrastructure. They are still not secure. They need to take license for their spectrum they use.

Applications: we can connect different Wi-Fi spots together to connect each other. This is the removal of wires for connecting with WAN. They are high speed broadband service that can be used in the mobile devices.

Others: Wi-Fi can give the speed up to 54 Mbps whereas Bluetooth give 1 Mbps and Zigbee provides the speed of 250 Kbps.  Wi-Fi is the fastest among these and they can be used in laptops, PCs, or mobiles. Bluetooth are used in the devices like mobiles, USB, keyboards, mouse etc.

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