Computer Seminar Topic on Handwriting Recognition with Seminar Report

Introduction to Computer Seminar Topic on Handwriting Recognition:

Today computer is the very essential device or electronics goods in our daily life. Without this maximum work is too hard to do. Computer has its own features. Beside many features Handwriting Recognition is one of them. Actually handwriting recognition is such kind of ability by which it can receive some input data from a source like intelligent written document, photographs, touch screens etc. and after that interpret the data.

It can sense image of a written text by off-line from a piece of paper with the help of optical scanning. It can also recognize by on-line with the movements of the pen tip. Handwriting Recognition is such kind of features by which it can recognize anything. But it can be done maximum time when it receive optical scanning. Sometimes it corrects the sentence formation, any errors and many more. And format the sentence.

There is a lot of facility of off line handwriting recognition system. Computer automatically creates a code and extracts text from an image file. It is used within computer and text processor system. Beside the facility of off line system there are difficulties also because different people have different style of handwriting. Today no OCR/ICR engines are support the system. Today OCR engine recognize the printed text first and ICR. 


In off line system character extraction is very important. After optical scan of the document it recognizes the document. It means individual character will need to be extracted.


At present different kind of recognition technique is available. After extracted the individual data it compare each data with computer character and after that identify the character.


Feature extraction works in a very similar fashion to neural network recognizer but, programmers should manually confirm the properties they feel area unit necessary.


Off-line handwriting recognition converts the image to the text and creates letter code. After that it identifies the each character.

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  1. i need a full project on OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION (OCR) ON HANDWRITING. conversion of handwriting to electronic format. text editable

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