Computer Seminar Topic on Broadband Wireless

Wireless broadband is the internet accessing service which is completely wireless and this service is developed by the one of the famous company called the Intel. Wireless broadband has very large speed communication facility; the applications like Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G and Ultra-Wideband are also the technologies which are compulsory to generate the global wireless broadband connection wizard.

The 3G is the large world spreader application which is used widely by near about 60% of the world people. The term broadband wireless in other words means a full complete range of the internet access without any connection issues. This wireless as compared to the WI-FI is sometimes a completely free internet access service to the users.

Here there are various wireless services which have their limited area of coverage like UWB range upto 30 feet, WI-FI upto 300 feet, WiMAX upto 4-6 miles, UMTS upto 1-3 miles, CDMA upto 1-5 miles, EDGE upto 1-5 miles. Each of the various wireless service communications has different-different range of coverage area.  The benefits of the wireless Broadband are same and similar design architectural plans, the market provides mass type of production system, provides moving computing applications, quick transaction and access when multiple user access at the same duration of time. Large service provider and application supports to most of all devices.

Now coming to the end of the broadband wireless world, till now millions of people have used this wireless broadband services and that services which are allocated to the services to the users. People access this internet services whenever they want and they need. Intel and the employees of the Intel Company are in help to develop more featured device which has great features in advance and also have more benefits and advantages. 


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