Computer Seminar Topic and Report on Gesture Recognition Using LASER Tracking

Introduction to Computer Seminar Topic on Gesture Recognition Using LASER Tracking:

It would be great if we could control our computers by giving visual commands without touching it. We are proposing an advanced laser gesture recognition application in this project.

The application will be used to control a variety of useful application like PowerPoint, Media Players, etc. the application is much more comfortable than using remote controls and lets you avoid pressing buttons when it’s dark.

You simply need to make a few gestures in the camera’s field of view to make it work. Basic gestures such as left, right, up and down are built into the application.

Using advanced techniques, the application can be trained to pick up new gestures as well. 


Group meetings and other situations where you need to be away from your desk require that people can interact and communicate standing at a distance from the display surface.

This paper hopes to communicate techniques used by the application and the laser to accomplish this task. A number of interactive techniques have been enumerated for navigation and entry of numbers, text, dates, times and lists of times.

The problems of hand jitter, slow sampling, detection error and latency have been discussed in each of the interactive techniques. 

An interesting application of this technology is meetings where the content is projected on the wall. The larger image on the wall enables participants to clearly see the subject matter as well as participate effectively.

If the projection is being controlled by another program, a person needs to be in front of the computer and only that person has control over the content.

Interaction may occur by the use of technology such as a Mimeo pen. This creates a problem where more people are not able to interact with others and matter is hard to see.

Therefore there is a need for an affordable technology which allows people to interact with others at a distance from the display surface. 

Download  Computer Seminar Topic and Report on Gesture Recognition Using LASER Tracking.

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