Computer Science Technical Seminar Topic on Red Tacton Technology

Introduction to Computer Science Technical Seminar Topic on Red Tacton Technology:

This application is a Human area technology based network that makes use of the surface of the human body for the high speed networks connections. Tacton specially means touch and action and the word red tells that it is the warm and wireless communication service. This device enables the experimental human area network that creates a range between the body and the electronic applications too.

Features of the red tacton are first is the Touch that means communication can be done by just one touch of the finger or by just one step. This one touch automatically transfers the stream of data from one device to others side. Second is the media that means this can transfer large amount of data from one source to another.  Third is the Broadband and interactive here multiple communication is permitted using the wireless communication system.

The application of the red tacton is first the One to One service here the detailed information about the elements is stored from the tacton receivers. Intuitive servers, personal analysis, different patterns, and security and communications services. The advantage of this device is traffic and a networks problem never happens, it low down the power consumption. This device has a great advantage that it can turn itself into a small ATM card type which can be easily swapped like the other credit cards too…

This red tacton is the latest device for transferring the useful data and is in demand now a day’s. It completely supports and is based on the human area technology networks. Looking at the devices now it is for sure that in the coming future the updated versions of this device will be on great demands in this highly developing countries. The users can download a video clip from the internet by just a simple click or a touch or a step.  

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