Computer Science Seminar Topic on Steganography

Introduction to Computer Science Seminar Topic on Steganography:

Steganography is a process of hiding the important messages and data by hiding the original message in another message by encrypting it. So there is no chance that intruders, hackers cannot get the original message. Steganography is also useful to protect the images, audio, messages, artistic creations by copyright. This software is also used to hide the data inside the images.

This message can be extracted by the rightful person only and there is no chance of extracting original message by intruders. Coming to the electronic communication steganography code is inserted inside the transport layer. The data that containing media files is ideal for steganography transmission because of their large size. The advantage of steganography is the messages do not attract themselves beside cryptography.

Stenographic Techniques:

  • Physical steganography
  • Digital steganography
  • Network steganography
  • Printed steganography
  • Text steganography

Physical Steganography:

In this technique the actual messages were written on wood and then hidden with wax covering on it. The messages are also written on the messenger’s body parts like head, back side. The messages are hidden by hair of the body. The messages are also written with invisible inks in olden days

Digital Steganography:

In Digital steganography the original image is hidden under another image. The original image is extracted by only removing two least significant bit of each color. Sounds can be steganography by modifying echo. Pictures are embedded in video files which are played faster are lower speed.

Network Steganography:

In network steganography the data is hidden by modifying communication protocols. The data hidden is very hard to detect. The secret messages are also include in voice over ip.

Printed Steganography:

In this technique the original plain text isconverted into cipher text. And the resulting is steganotext. The only decrypting known person can extract the hidden message.

Text Steganography:

This technique is considered as most difficult steganography technique.  In this data is compression is encodes one representation into another. So it is difficult to decrypt it.

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