Computer Science Seminar Topic on Internet Data Centers

Introduction to Internet Data Centers IDC:

IDC is defined as the Internet Data Centers are the datacenters (computing centers) is the one of the most important facility that can be used to the house computer systems and that can be associated with the components, which may be the components such as the storage systems and the telecommunications systems. Internet Data Centers are the future computing centers. With the emergence of the marketplace of global, the organizations of the all sizes and all stages of people are feeling that the pressure that can extent their Internet presence everywhere around the world, and on the basis of 24X7 (24 hours and within the 7 days) support. Internet data centers are shared facilities where the place many organizations can share a single, comprehensive infrastructure to economically host Internet servers and the best services.

Requirements for the modern data centers:

1)      The Operate and managing the carrier’s of the telecommunication network.

2)      To provide a best combination of these and similar data centers.

3)      To provide the hosted applications for a third party and to provide the services to the customers.

Comprehensive support:

The physical infrastructure and the connectivity of the IDC’s can be shared with support of the staff. When the companies are able to hire the staff they need more strategic to assign them to core business claws and the issues other than the mechanics of the operating a datacenter.

Range of Services

Internet Data centers had a great scope of the wide range of services that they can be dedifferentiate themselves can be in three dimensions:

1)      Service Quality

2)      Offering the Service

3)      Services Support

IDC Network architecture:

The virtually all the internet data centers had more than one locations, and with the high speed the internet connections facilitate the geographically- distributed customer sites that keep running.

Customer Care:

1)      Cycle Support Sales

2)      Reports of the customers.

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